The Uber-ization of Food Supply

Owned and Enjoyed by the Community

What We Do

The Good Company (Ref Nr: K2020185218_07) democratizes smart food production through automated and distributed vertical urban farms, managed by communities in co-operative nodes across cities, towns and rural areas, thereby improving food security and inclusion, whilst reducing supply chain and environmental pressure.

Key Benefits

  • 1/10th  the size of a traditional farm
  • 15x more productive
  • Modular & mobile
  • Automated & controlled
  • Farm 365 days a year
  • Up to x200 times greater yield
  • 98% less water than conventional farming
  • Harvest every 4 – 6 weeks
  • Carbon negative farming

Our Prototype Farms

Our Impact


The democratization of food production and access. Communities owning the process.


Addressing poverty and the basic need of survival. Supporting food security objectives and ECD. Increase access to nutrition…for the poor


Job creation and women empowerment. Increase access to job opportunities, provision of sector knowledge and intelligence to SMMEs, women and youth in particular.


Reducing the carbon footprint and supply chain pressure


Integrated solutions with cities, communities and society to strengthen the food ecosystem, with a food production process that is not at the mercy of harsh climate, severe weather, seasonality effects, soil erosion, water scarcity, pests and human error/mismanagement


Using smart Technology to provide a Farm in the Box thereby bulletproofing the farm’s success (leverages Solar, Irrigation with smart Controlled environments and IoT) whilst addressing contextual needs

The Farm of The People –
Where Communities Take Ownership

Our Offering

Business USP – Smart, Predictive, On Demand Farming

Unique Buffer Capacity and Equation + Key per Crop Type:

  • Nutrient Mix
  • EC + Ph
  • Oxygenation
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pump Volume
  • Waterflow rate
  • Grow cycles

Centrally Cloud Controlled Farming System:

  • Management interface/dashboard
  • Farming portfolio
  • Farming performance
  • Key Monitoring and
  • Intervention notifications
  • Automated and intelligent Farm management (earnings, loss etc)
  • Centralised crop and system updates

Smart and Automated Buy and Sell Blockchain Platform:

  • Identifies available crops
  • Matches search with relevant nearest crop
  • Buy and Sell bidding process
  • Production Supply Planning
  • Smart contracts for concluding sale
  • Harvest and Distribution Cycling
  • Trend analysis (farming, crop, sales, etc)

Precision Automated and Predictive Farming (AI and IoT):

  • IoT sensors
  • Precision farming system
  • Smart irrigation
  • AI / Machine controlled farming
  • Crop and plant database
  • Plant Image recognition
  • Smart environmental controls
  • Predictive Demand / Usage